Madella Productions LLC creates memorable visual animations for musicians or artists to use at live performances (or however they like)!  Each video is uniquely customized, using a variety of advanced animation techniques to create specific & remarkable designs. Committed to providing a beautifully abstract &  cutting edge way to tell your story.


Synapse The Wizard is a Denver Colorado based DJ / Producer who preforms and creates EDM.  He wanted this set of visuals for his live shows at clubs and venues in Denver. Madella Productions created the wizard character and animated based on anime and magic themes, the client loved the outcome!

Skeptic is a DJ / Producer who preforms awesome live EDM music around Michigan.  He will be using these visuals to enhance the experience and impact of his sets. His music goes perfectly with the funky, positive vibe of these colorful visuals Madella Productions LLC worked with him to create.


Christopher Wookins is a DJ / Producer who creates exciting and modern bass music. This intense visual piece doubles as a Music Video and creates an impressive animated story that flows perfectly to the beat of his tune "NSFW," of the debut album "Lost in the Sauce."


BOOM is a DJ who creates beautiful EDM music that dives deep into love and feelings. Madella Productions LLC worked with BOOM to produce an abstract Visual for his live performance intro, as well as a longer loop to plat throughout a long set.





Madella Productions LLC enjoys creating art and exploring any visual representation of love or music. The pieces below represent Madella's personal style and artistic ideas.