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Madella Productions creates memorable visual animations for musicians, producers and DJs primarily in the EDM community. These psychedelic visuals are used at live performances to help immerse the audience and create a specific atmosphere. Our goal is to help each artist express themselves through story and help their music to be experienced in an even more impactful and emotional way.


Synapse The Wizard is a Denver Colorado based DJ / Producer who preforms and creates EDM.  He uses this set of visuals for his live shows at clubs and venues in Denver. Madella Productions created the wizard character and simple animation based on anime and magic themes.

BOOM is a DJ who creates beautiful EDM music that dives deep into love and feelings. Madella Productions created an abstract Visual for his live performance intro, it follows his vibe perfectly, helping to grab the crowds attention and immerse them in his performance.

Skeptic is a DJ / Producer who preforms awesome live EDM music around Michigan.  He will be using these visuals to enhance the experience and impact of his sets. His music goes perfectly with the funky, positive vibe of these colorful visuals Madella Productions created for him.

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