Madella Productions LLC produces professional documentary style videos that aim to make a positive impact. Each video is designed to share genuine stories that are both intriguing & inspiring, with relevant animations and special effects.





Rita Fields is a Professor, Consultant and Economic Developer who began her journey as a homeless, high school dropout who had no hope and no vision for her future. Today, she has visited six continents and explored the nuances of culture in the context of leadership, is a consistently sought after consultant and public speaker who is recognized as a seasoned expert in human capital and is a trusted confidant who skillfully navigates complex issues. 

This video highlights Rita's work and studies involving the underground economy in The City of Detroit, she gives advise to economic developers for creating inclusive policies and practices. She hopes to create awareness that will allow members of the underground economy to become stable and for them to be a part of the revitalization of Detroit.

Angela Barbash is the CEO and Co-Founder of Revalue Investing, she is a leader in innovative economic development in Michigan. Her knowledgeable ideas for the future of local investment are inspirational & this video heartwarmingly captures the importance of community investing for Michigan's economy.



This video highlights ideas from some of the most innovative risk takers in Michigan. Hearing from people in all realms of the economic development world, it gives a glimpse into the mindset & progressive work of these inspiring people. This is the first video of a series that will dive deeper into their specific work and accomplishments.

Jerry Hancock wanted a video capturing his career as a bass player, the outcome illustrates a laid back family story while maintaining professional, industry standards.