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 We believe a prosperous future for all starts with being mindful and loving towards our planet, ourselves and each other. Which is why we take pride in providing sustainably and ethically scoured, handmade and up-cycled clothing, giving items and materials that have lost their charm new and lasting value.

Madella Productions creates clothing that is handprinted with original artwork, up-cycled, altered, embroidered, tie-dyed, bleach dyed, flower dyed, patchwork, handmade and multiple medium! 

We make tops, sets, bottoms, dresses, rave-wear, statement pieces, streetwear, hats, and more. (Jewelry, decor, tarot cards, tapestries, journals and blankets, coming soon!) 

Currently only selling handmade products in person, for online shopping check out our Etsy!


Below are some of the clothes from our streetwear line! (currently only available in person)

 Madella Productions is now creating all of our handmade clothing with  sustainably sourced materials. Because most pieces are uniquely tailored in order to produce less waste and encourage creative flow in the design process, many items are only one or a couple of a kind.

Tune in and follow our social media to catch online drops of 

handmade items with limited availability!

If you like this streetwear and are interested in similar items featuring lots of the same artwork, check out our Etsy store for clothing, prints, and more!


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