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Production to be proud of!

Madella Productions is a Detroit based creative services provider that specializes in producing a variety of media, artwork and clothing. We create unique, original projects including animated visuals, graphic designs, digital artwork, branding, videos, streetwear, rave-wear, custom clothing, jewelry and more.

Our goal is to find the place where mindful practices, self expression and creativity meet sustainability, inclusiveness and community impact. Providing a personalized, valuable and guilt free experience with every project or purchase. 


The city of Detroit is full of some of the worlds most creative people, but many of us don’t have the capability, knowledge or means to shop locally and consciously for unique, trendy and mindful products and services. Many creators and musicians lack the opportunity to collaborate with multifaceted, experienced artists who can help them rise, with intention. It can be challenging to shop with sustainability in mind and still find affordable clothing to represent your style or artists for creative projects that are personal, local and consciously impactful. 

Expressiveness is in, standing out is making a comeback and having a positive impact of change is driving young generations. Madella Productions gives Detroit-ers an outlet for just this, expressing oneself and igniting change through art and community, sustainably. 

 We believe a prosperous future for all starts with being mindful and loving towards our planet, ourselves and each other. Which is why we take pride in providing sustainably and ethically scoured, handmade and up-cycled clothing, giving items and materials that have lost their charm new and lasting value. (Coming online soon!) 


Exploring visual representations of music, love, connection, spirituality and innovation. 

Madella Productions aims to create purposeful and relevant products that will stand out, ensuring everything produced has a positive influence on the world and the client.

We guarantee an individual, memorable and creative outcome. 


Madeline Hancock is the owner and artist at Madella Productions.





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