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Madella Productions LLC shoots, edits & animates high quality, creative music videos for artists of any genre. Each video represents the musicians image and brand while showcasing interesting visual elements that make them stand out. 

Pauls Big Radio is an alternative country rock band local to Ann Arbor Michigan. This is a music video for their song "Paper Cranes" off of an unreleased album. This video combines animation with live shots to create an interesting and upbeat visual representation of the song and the band. 

Christopher Wookins is a DJ who creates exciting and modern bass music. This intense visual piece doubles as a Music Video and creates an impressive animated story that flows perfectly to the beat of his tune "NSFW," of the debut album "Lost in the Sauce."



BOOM is a DJ who creates beautiful, EDM music that dives deep into love and feelings. Madella Productions LLC worked with BOOM to produce an abstract Visual for his live performance intro, as well as a longer loop to play throughout a long set.



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